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Made in Belgium: Simple and Safe

Made in Belgium: Simple and Safe
5 years ago

PACK’D isn’t another big, international company. It’s made in Belgium, and that’s an important statement for us. We’re two Belgian professionals, who created a curation of high quality food supplements in collaboration withthe best Belgian nutritionists. And that selection of nutritious blends isn’t just produced or packed anywhere: to make things more efficient, we decided to take it home and produce the blends right here in the Ghent area, Belgium. Why? Here’s the story behind that decision.

As mentioned in our first blog, PACK’D was created from the urge to create a lifestyle approach for food supplements, one that works for everyone. It should be simpler, sexier and safer, without having to worry about shipment or health regulations. The base ingredients included in every blend are initially sourced from all over the world.

The difference between European and American food supplements are vast. Try importing supplements from the US: most don’t even arrive, as food and health regulations in the United States or Asia are less strict than those set by the European Union. Now that didn’t make it easy for us: we had to follow strict guidelines to make sure that everything available in the Essentials Box is as safe as possible according to Belgian law.

Getting the approval and support of the FAVV was a milestone within the process of getting PACK'D launched. In a nutshell, the Federal Agency for Food Safety is a quality label in Belgium that follows European standards. But we wanted to go beyond safety. The end result was worth it. It gave us the comfort of knowing that everyone would benefit from our vision.

Sure, producing in Belgium is a great way to keep things safe, simple and efficient. But beyond that, we wanted to create a company culture that benefits others. We work with Belgian partners, from the design of our box, the production of the food supplements to the packing facility in Antwerp. The latter is perhaps the best example: this facility is an Adapted Company. The work, support, supervision and training here are adapted to workers with a physical, mental or intellectual disability – and not the opposite. We are proud of the high quality and results of the work they carry out. PACK'D isn't just about the benefits of local entrepreneurship and production, but also about responsible production.

While the Essentials Box is made in Belgium, our ambitions go further than those borders. That’s why the Essentials Box by PACK’D is available for delivery throughout Europe since its launch. Made in Belgium, created for the world.