About PACK'D

We all want to be healthy.

Known factors are exercising and eating healthy, but when it comes to nutrients, it gets a bit more complicated.

PACK’D aims to make it all a bit less complicated. For those who eat healthily and live a perfectly balanced lifestyle, you really won't need supplements. But we both know that not every meal we eat is healthy. And that’s not a problem at all: our Essentials Box is an insurance for the burgundian lifestyle. We've worked together with professionals in the sports and nutrients industry and created a selection of daily essentials that will work towards a healthy, energized body and a focused mind.

What's in the Essentials Box?

28 packs of goodness: 14 Dawn & 14 Dusk packs, enough for two weeks. Every day at breakfast, you start the day by energizing your body with the Dawn pack, which has one dose of Greens, Focus, Omega and Active. Then, when day turns to night, take the Dusk pack during dinner to end the day right with a dose of Greens, Bones, Immune and Digest. Because it's a simple routine of two packs, it's almost impossible to forget. Simple, right?!

How do I get started?

The first step starts with registering yourself at our 'Order' page. After signing up and creating your profile, it'll take about 5 working days for your first Essentials Box to arrive. What's great about our delivery experience is that the box will fit in your letterbox, which means that you won't have to wait for the package to arrive.

What can I expect?

PACK'D optimizes your energy, focus, immune system and digestion. In short-term, you will experience a detoxing effect. Each body reacts differently - some faster, some slower - but expect to feel things change within a few days.

These packs each contain four food supplements, but won't replace any meal.

Do you ship internationally?

Don't worry: we want to make PACK'D an experience for everyone. Health is universal, so we're shipping to all countries in Europe free of charge.

Is PACK'D vegan?

The PACK'D capsules are 100% vegan and they have no animal content - except the Omega, which is a high quality fish oil.

No plastic

Our packaging is made out of recyclable cardboard. We don't like plastic waste either!

What's new?

We added the possibility to make a one-time purchase as a great way to get to know our high quality vitamins and supplements without any strings attached. You can stop looking for the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones...